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Industrial Engineering Courses

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learn industrial engineering

learn industrial engineering

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering involves optimizing complex processes. As an industrial engineer, you'll find ways organizations create waste during production and replace those outdated systems with ones that work efficiently. It involves knowledge of a variety of fields, including now information systems, plus a host of other more traditional knowledge areas like mechanical engineering or quality control. Manufacturing processes have evolved into highly complex systems, and someone needs to monitor those systems for improvements. Advancing technology and changes in production methods could make today's production systems obsolete by next week. Industrial engineers use problem-solving to create better systems.

Learn Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is a promising career, especially now that machines are changing the way we think about production systems. Industrial engineers work now to utilize machine learning and robotics for faster, more efficient production processes, and ensure that manufacturing systems don't fall obsolete. Industrial engineering programs prepare you to face this reality and utilize all engineering disciples for innovative systems. Engineering disciplines can prepare you to work in Industrial engineering, and a healthy understanding of computer science gives you a competitive edge. Coursework that gives you the foundation for solving problems and providing innovative solutions could help get your foot in the door in this rising profession.

Industrial Engineering Courses and Certificates

It's not your grandfather's production line anymore. Today's production involves a mixture of human labor and machines, informed with heavy doses of big data. You'll need an understanding of how these things work together, and could be just the place to find it. You'll learn critical principles of the field with institutions leading the way in modern production methods. You can learn how to navigate the digital age with KTH's course in digital transformation and use that knowledge in Delft's course in Industrial Biotechnology. Other options could be Brown's introduction to Engineering and Design or Hong Kong Polytechnic's deep dive into how Industry 4.0 is changing the entire game. Whatever area of production you're interested in, edX has a course that can provide foundational training and knowledge. You'll need a broad knowledge base to make the best of this field, so spend some time researching all the possibilities.

Explore a Career in Industrial Engineering

Engineering students must understand the ways production has changed. Industrial engineering takes on a management position now with knowledge both of new tech and the ways old production worked. Where there's waste, quality assurance can revolutionize the system. As quality standards increase, industrial engineers will grow in demand, especially to implement machines and robotics to improve both efficiency and safety. Make sure you're ahead of the game with courses from edX and partners and ignite your career.