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ReactJS Courses

Take free online courses in React JS and programming for the web from top universities and institutions including Microsoft. Learn the essentials of React JS programming to advance your skills in the lucrative field of web development.

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What is ReactJS?

ReactJS takes the work out of building user interfaces by providing an open source javascript library for your code. It's maintained by none other than Facebook, a master at the user interface, plus a community of developers dedicated to improving this (relatively) new library. ReactJS works as the "view" in Model View Controller (MVC) programming and reduces boilerplate language through declarative code. There is some minor set up involved, but after that, you simply begin your code without having to generate a component boilerplate. Components receive immutable traits through props and pass states to child components through the use of props. It also features a virtual DOM (document-object-model), and the program takes care of child component changes through re-rerendering.

Learn ReactJS

If you're familiar with Javascript and HTML, learning react shouldn't be difficult and you'll most likely pick up the basics in a day. JSX feels a lot like HTML when in ReactJS and the syntax mimics what you know in Java. Building user interfaces in this library has some of the most significant potential. It's one of the most dynamic UI libraries you can use. It runs in Node.js and uses create-react-app from Facebook as a scaffold. It's compatible with a variety of IDE (integrated development environment), and from here, you can design your entire front end application.

ReactJS Courses

If you're looking to get started with this powerful UI library, offers courses in partnership with Microsoft so you can get the foundation and start building. Introduction to ReactJS gives you the basics, teaching you to create React elements, build react applications using React components, plus best practices in lifecycle methods and state management. Advanced Angular reaches further into react concepts by implementing forms and performing universal and production builds. You'll understand the clean code of Angular and how it fits with the user experience of ReactJS. Both courses require a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Ignite Your Career With ReactJS

Facebook and Instagram, two of the most famous user interfaces of all time, use the properties of the ReactJS library to render their UI. Learning this library accelerates your front end builds, creates an environment free of excessive boilerplate language, and makes the move to mobile apps a lot less time intensive. Knowledge of ReactJS gives you the same building power as Facebook developers. And with React Native, you're on your way to building native apps that could set up your career for life.