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Russian Courses

Learn Russian with online courses on edX today!

learn russian

learn russian

Why Learn Russian

Russia has contributed to the world in literature, art, and philosophy, as well as providing a foil to the development and growth of the United States and Europe. The complicated relationship between the US and Moscow has led to changes in political maneuvers and fascinating world history, but Russia's history goes back much farther than the United States.

Learning Russian not only helps you understand the Kremlin but also provides a new understanding of past political events like World War II to modern conflicts like the Syrian War. It could be time to learn the complex history of this country and find your start in the language itself. offers courses designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field. Students have the chance to participate in courses with students from around the world and on their own schedules.

Russian Courses and Programs.

EdX has a handful of courses that touch on world events. You can participate in FedericaX's course on World Politics, where you'll learn about the ways the collapse of the Soviet Union brought about the political climate we know today. You can also explore the multi-polarization of the world, and the relationship between today's major world leaders like Putin or Trump.

You can also take a variety of courses in Russian. You can study a variety of things right in the target language, including Entrepreneurship, Nuclear Nonproliferation, and Cryptography. Taking classes in the target language can help you to solidify your skills in the language and get more comfortable.

Working with the courses in the target language gives you writing, reading, and communication skills. These skills are vital if you want to be proficient enough to work in the country or build relationships with people there.

Understanding Russian Affairs

Russia's response to international crises like Coronavirus (Covid-19) or their relationship to OPEC and particularly Saudi Arabia has a connection to events of the past. If what you know of Russia comes from Reuters, the BBC, and other news agencies, now is your chance to discover what's being said within the country.

The Russian Military isn't the bogeyman it used to be, and as the world becomes smaller, it's time to understand multiple perspectives. Whether you're learning Russian language, eager to understand world history, or want a different perspective on world events that doesn't involve watchdog groups, can help.

Spend some time examining Russia's influence on world development, and events like Ukraine may take perspective. Understand the language, and you may be able to hear Russia and Turkey's take on Idlib. EdX can help expand your perspective.