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Financial Literacy Courses

Learn about financial literacy and understand how to make better money decisions moving forward. Learn about personal finance, financial concepts, and financial planning from top institutions and schools.

learn financial literacy

Learn Financial Literacy

What is Financial Literacy?

If you want to make better decisions about your money and resources, you'll need financial literacy. You must understand the intersection of personal finance, financial concepts, and financial planning to build on your current wealth and provide long term stability. It can be tough to make the right decisions about your money if you don't know what your options are. There are many components to wealth, and money is only a part of that picture. Financial literacy helps you see your entire financial picture in a clear light so that you can make the best decisions about your financial goals.

Learn about Financial Literacy

We can't understate the importance of financial literacy. Financial decisions can't be made in a vacuum. Resource and money management requires an understanding of the economic landscape and how to prepare for future occurrences. If you want stability, you need a solid foundation in financial education. That doesn't mean you need years of school, necessarily, but the more you understand about the different aspects of financial literacy, the more prepared you'll be to make these big decisions that can affect not only your organization but your personal life as well. There is so much advice out there about finances, how can you be sure what to trust?

Financial Literacy Courses and Certifications

edX has partnered with leading institutions and thinkers in the world of finance to bring you the most up to date and appropriate financial training. You can take courses in a variety of financial subjects without worrying that the advice is outdated or worse incorrect. Whether you're learning beginning concepts like interest rates or complex ideas like those in many financial services, can help. If you're looking for financial training within a business context, there are many targeted courses and certifications available. You can learn foundational concepts in risk management with a professional certification series from IIMB or build skills in management accounting with professional certification from ACCA. Other choices include courses in financial analysis (Babson), decision making (USM), and corporate accounting (IIMB). There's even a course on FinTech and ethics from HongKong Polytechnic. Personal finance training is also possible with courses on money management, financial planning, and retirement savings for individuals. These courses prepare you for financial situations, both short term and in the future. You'll be able to build peace of mind through emergency funds and long term wealth building.

Financial Literacy - Stability for the Future

Whether you're making a career of financial literacy or wanting self-improvement, the courses offered through give you the knowledge and expertise to improve your financial future. The financial choices you make today for yourself or your organization affect your future wealth. Make sure your financial resources have the best chance of success. From spending habits and personal financial literacy to big-picture understanding of corporate financial wellbeing, a large portion of your future success depends on foundational knowledge. Build those skills and set yourself up to succeed.