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Java Courses

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learn java

learn java

What is Java?

Java is a computer programming language developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Java was first released in 1995 and has since become one of the most popular programming languages with an estimated 12 million developers using it. Java is an object-oriented programming language, with syntax largely based on C and C++, that allows for the creation of robust, secure and portable applications that can run on multiple platforms including Window, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Java technology is the foundation for nearly every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering embedded applications, games, web content, and enterprise software. It can also be used for artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, RSS feeds, and Java apps. The Java platform differs from most other platforms in that it's a software-only platform that runs on top of other hardware-based platforms. According to Oracle, Java can reduce costs, drive innovation, and more as the programming language of choice for IoT, enterprise architecture, enterprise applications, and cloud computing.

Java Online Tutorials and Classes

Learning Java online has never been easier. Self-paced introductory Java courses are available as well as professional certificate programs designed to teach you advanced Java programming skills and prepare you for a job. Java - a high-level programming language - is one of the best languages for learning core coding skills because of its object-oriented approach to programming. Learning the Java programming software will get you started on a path to becoming a software engineer, one of the most in-demand roles in the field of computer science.

Learn Java Basics for Beginners with Online Tutorials and Classes

edX has a ton of courses that will teach java tutorials and other basic concepts for aspiring programmers. Learners looking for a Java for Beginners course should consider taking the program from uc3m. Within the Introduction to Java Programming course, you will learn basic mechanisms of the OOP paradigm, basic software engineering techniques, and develop basic data structurers. Learners will also compare the efficiency of programs in terms of resources used and develop non-linear data structures.

How to Learn Java Programming Online?

EdX offers a wide range of courses including self-paced courses to match any level of experience in Java. Whether you are someone entirely new to Java, have some experience, or someone who is looking to advance their professional career, we have the right courses for you. If you want to learn Java online to develop your job and career, you have come to the right place.

EdX offers online Java courses from Microsoft, The University of Carlos III Madrid (UC3M), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and other top universities and institutions around the world. Start with one of the fundamentals courses from HKUST as they are essentially a free Java tutorial for beginners. You will learn the Java code basics such as object-oriented programming, problem-solving, event-driven programming, how to create arrays and much more.

Deeper learning in the Java platform includes Java cloud platform, Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Java SE (Java Standard Edition), Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition), Java ME (Java Micro Edition), Java card technology, JDK (Java development kit), Netbeans (an integrated development environment for Java), Java VM (Java Virtual Machine), Java API's, connecting to a MySQL database with Java, Java versions (such as Java 8), and more. There's lots to learn, but a Java course or tutorial on edX can help you master these concepts.

Java Programming Jobs

It’s no surprise that core Java skills are some of the most sought-after programming skills desired by employers. The Java programming language is used by companies all over the world. Outstanding Java engineering skills can lead you to a lucrative job pretty much anywhere you wish to work. lists over 25,000 open, full-time positions for Java Developers at an average salary of just over $100,000 per year. Top locations for Java developer jobs include New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago and the companies hiring include Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Google and Microsoft. So if job security and a competitive salary are things you desire, developing strong Java programming skills is a must.

Explore a Career as a Java Developer

Get started on a path to a career as a Java Developer or Java Software Engineer with a professional certificate program on edX. Start developing Java software applications and get your foot in the door as a Junior Java Developer, a position with an average salary of over $70,000 per year according to Indeed and advance from there. Ready to get started? Select from any number of introductory Java courses and Java tutorials for beginners. Enroll and start learning today.