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Django Courses

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What is Django?

Django is a Python-based web framework for model-template-view (MTV) based architectural patterns. It's open-source and is maintained by the Django Software Foundation. Django provides an easier path for developers to produce database-driven websites. It shortens web development through reusability and the principle of "don't repeat yourself." Django is used for a variety of database-intensive sites, including Instagram and Nextdoor. It produces dynamic websites using less code with pluggable components and is maintained on Github. Source code and Django documentation are widely distributed, and the project is always evolving. Learn Django If you're building database-heavy websites or other complex projects, Django provides a high-level python web framework for building dynamic web pages with content management needs. Django developers are in high demand as websites wrestle with their database needs. offers courses designed to help get you started with the Django model through partnerships with leaders in the field. You learn from developers and researchers who have built incredible projects and can pass on knowledge and expertise directly to you in the privacy of your home or office.

Django Courses and Certifications

Harvard offers an introductory course to web programming using Python modules, Django, MySQL, and Javascript, among others. This intro helps you understand the way Django development fits in with a range of frameworks designed to facilitate dynamic web development. Harvard also offers a full professional certification series in Computer Science for Web Development. It picks up where their standalone course leaves off, introducing you to things like SQL injection, rapid development, and data models behind web apps and developments. Along with Django documentation through the Djangoproject and Github, you'll have a clear understanding of how Django applications provide pragmatic design for web developers. The framework is robust and widely used. Plus, its open-source designation allows you the freedom and pathway to develop not only career projects but personal ones as well.

Build a Career with Django

Django use cases include some of the biggest web applications online today. Whether you're looking to work on an open-source project with or building applications for businesses and organizations, your expertise in Django will be widely appreciated. EdX facilitates learning and provides the path for you to build your skills without having to move or leave a current job. Develop your skills with Django and find out just what's possible in the world of complex, database-driven web development. You could find yourself on the journey of a rewarding, innovative career.