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English Courses

Take free online English language lessons and classes to improve your English grammar, composition, conversation and writing skills. Learn effective English communication skills with online classes and courses from Tsinghua, ASU, HKPolyU and other top schools.

learn english

learn english

Learn English Free Online

Improve your English skills with English grammar. Improve your writing skills and more with online English lessons and courses from top universities and institutions around the world. Whether you’re learning English as a second language (ESL) or just looking to improve your English vocabulary, find free online courses to help you advance your skills and your career.

Why Learn English Online?

English is widely spoken—it's the most used and spoken language around the world. One in five people around the world are able to either speak or understand so it comes in handy for traveling and communication. Learning English is also a great way to boost your career and increase your chances of getting a job especially in the business environment, whether in a multicultural company or working abroad. Being an English language learner is a great way to boost your language capacity setting you on a path to become bilingual or more.

English Speaking Skills

When you are learning to speak English, it is often difficult to understand some of the unique words and expressions present in different cultures. With Conversational English Skills from Tsinghua University, you can learn some of the keywords and expressions used in regular conversation and better understand how these differ in the U.S., Britain, Australia and more. Listen to group discussions and practice your own conversational English skills by speaking and listening to English discussions on a variety of topics. This course is self-paced so you can enroll and start practicing English today.

English for Beginners Course Overview

Learn the basics of English conversations, expressions, phrases, and much more with online courses from some of the world's top universities. The United Arab Emirates University offers an English for Beginner Course that covers basic english writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills. The course also teaches exam strategies for writing and grammar on the EmSAT. Learners can expect this course to take about 2-3 hours per week for 6 weeks to complete.

English Grammar and Writing Skills

Learning how to write professionally with outstanding English grammar and style can significantly help your career. Writing clearly and effectively is a skill that can boost your performance in almost any job role. Proper word usage along with good writing style, sentence and paragraph structure and punctuation will boost both your written and verbal communication skills and set you apart from the crowd when creating and delivering business proposals, sales presentations, email correspondence and more.

Additional Online English Classes

Take English speaking classes online and start improving your communication skills today. Tsinghua University offers courses in reading, writing and speaking English that are geared toward people learning English as a second language that include English speaking practice. In addition, find free English proficiency test preparation courses for both the TOEFL ® and IELTS exams.

Native and non-native English learners will find the online grammar and composition courses helpful. Arizona State University offers credit-eligible English courses in English composition and research and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has an excellent course for people applying in English for job positions in Asia. Berkeley offers help for students preparing for the AP ® English Literature and Composition exam.