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Italian Courses

Learn Italian from our online courses for free below. Learn basic Italian conversation, basic grammar, vocabulary and more on edX!

learn italian

learn italian

Why Learn the Italian Language?

Italy has a long history of art and sciences. Italian is one of the most popular romance languages to learn and traces its roots to Latin, a language with even more history. When you learn Italian, it opens you up to all the history, literature, poetry, and art Italy has given the world over the generations. Language learning is a valuable part of training the brain, and it provides many health benefits. In addition, it gives you the ability to make new friends and business contacts. Modern Italian and Italian dialects could be the perfect way to exercise mental acuity and aid in health and wellbeing. During the middle ages and the Renaissance, Italy was home to some of the greatest minds in the world. Venetian art was the pinnacle of expertise. Tuscan farming was already fully underway. Dante was writing classics, and standard Italian was the language of the learned. Explore Sicily, Vatican City, Florence, and so many other famous Italian spots. Prepare for a foreign language to ignite your curiosity. edX is ready to help.

Learn Basic Italian for Beginners with Online Courses and Lessons

Take introductory level courses with edX to learn basic Italian phrases, greetings, pronunciations, and much more. Wellesley College's Italian Language and Culture: Beginner teaches you the basics of the Italian language and culture through videos, podcasts, interviews, and much more. You will learn ow to communicate in a variety of social situations, such as introducing yourself, talking about daily activities, describing what you do for work, writing and reading simple texts, such as an e-mail, giving and getting directions, asking about the weather and telling time, basic grammatical structures such as articles and nouns, adjectives, present and past tenses of regular and irregular verbs, and Italian culture, including daily life, film, cuisine, universities and vacationing.

Italian Courses and Certifications

edX has a range of Italian lessons and certifications. You can take classes in the language itself, courses that introduce you to Italy's storied history, and courses delivered in Italian to further your language skills. Wellesley offers an Italian language series designed to introduce you to aspects of the language like Italian words, grammar, and phrases while also providing context through history. You have a beginning, intermediate, and advanced option to meet you where your abilities are. You can also study Italian history and art with Harvard and Dartmouth. Learn about famous Italian artists and writers, including Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio, while understanding the influence of Italy on surrounding French and English culture. Once you've had the chance to practice your Italian skills, you can take part in a variety of courses ranging from history to science to arts delivered in Italian. One of the best ways to learn a language is through immersion. If you can't take a trip to Italy or find Italian speakers near you, the next best thing could be participating in courses in your target language. It's not a trip to Venice or Naples, but it could ignite a renaissance in your own life.

Enrich Your Life with Italian

Learning Italian or any new language opens you up to new experiences. A large subculture of the United States is a direct result of Italian immigration. Whether you're interested in 13th-century Italian music, 14th-century art, or modern Italian for second language benefits, edX can provide the foundational skills to get you where you need to go. It might be a trip to Tuscany or a new business venture, but learning the national language of another country opens incredible doors. The Roman Empire may be gone, but you can see aspects of that long history along with Italy's own contributions with the help of edX.